K K Reddy Hospital with innovative approach to treatment!

Dr. K K Reddy Over the last 20 years of practice, he has accumulated a wealth of experience in the management of chest diseases and critical care problems. The busy clinical practice encompasses the entire range of pulmonology problems including support to busy Cardio – thoracic departments. He has over three hundred fibreoptic bronchoscopy studies to his credit. Over the last 5 years he had done many pediatric studies and has been doing lot of therapeutic studies.

He has also being regularly doing diagnostic thoracoscopic studies for pleural diseases and lung biopsies. Apart from the diagnostic studies, he also does Pleurodesis for refractory cases of pleural effusions. He has over 50 cases to his credit.He is also one of the few people offering pericardial window for malignant pericardial effusions. To complete the diagnostic facilities, He has also included offering Sleep Studies for obesity and sleep related disorders.


Dr. K K Reddy Chest Clinic was established 10 years back with intention of providing a state –of- the art investigative tools in the field of Chest Medicine. This perhaps is the only center, which provides such investigations under one roof. It is run by K K Reddy (Consultant Chest Physician Hyderabad), who is a pioneer in the treatment of chest diseases in Hyderabad with over 20 years of experience in managing diseases of the chest. Coupled with the latest investigative tools, this centre has become one of the reputed centres for diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary diseases.

The Clinic is well equipped and offers following Facilities:

  • Basic Radiology Service
  • Clinical Pathology & Biochemistry
  • Electrocardiography
  • Lung Function Assessment by Computerized Lab
  • Fibre optic Video Bronchoscopy- Adult
  • Fibre optic Video Bronchoscopy- Pediatric
  • Rigid Bronchoscopy

Special Procedures in Bronchoscopy like:

  • Tracheal & Bronchoplastic Procedures
  • Stent Placements
  • Trans-bronchoscopic Mediastinal sampling (TBNA)
  • Thoracoscopy – both Diagnostic & Therapeuti.